Monday, June 25, 2012

This would be a perfect time for me to throw a Discover card party because I have a lot of family and friends kids who are ready to go to college this Fall.

These young kiddos are ready to discover themselves and learning to live on their own away from the comforts  of their parents home.It is long road for them but I know they will all be troopers and work hard and be successful in their lives by following their dreams. College years are all about learning responsibilities to become a responsible and mature Individual.

Now will be the time to introduce them to the powerful world of Credit cards. The Pro and the Cons of the Credit Cards. We as Adults in their lives can influence a lot because we wish the best for them.


  • I'll invite all the College Bound Students that I know and of course their parents are also going to be there.

  • There will be plenty of food, non-alcoholic drinks and games for these youngsters. People who win games, trivia contest will go home with Gift Cards to the Stores from where they can buy little something for their Dorm or  their own personal care items.

  • I'll collect lots of Information and Brochures for the parents and the kids to explore. Since I work at a School so I can easily get some laptops and hold stations for people to log in and Discover the  Discover all the  possibilities of Discover Student More cards.

  • Soon to be College Students will be able to discover that by shopping using their Discover Student More cards they can earn cash back rewards.They will also earn that when cash back bonus get build up they can use this bonus to buy something that they really really want.

  • We will also discover about various options of using their Discover Student More cards e.g

 is an online shopping mall, exclusively available for the cardmembers. ShopDiscover lets card members earn 5% up to 20% Cashback Bonus by shopping at online retailers such as, Hotwire,, and much, much more. These is a whole list of it on lie @ There is no limit to the Cashback Bonus you can earn through ShopDiscover. We simply link to a retailer site through ShopDiscover at, pay with your card and get the additional Cashback Bonus.

They will also be told that they can choose from 100s of Card design to suit their liking, personality and their beliefs

Friday, June 22, 2012

My Samsung Tablet that I love so much and I bout it with the money that I earned from my doing survey on various sites and redeemin the points for an Amazon gift card.

Friday, June 15, 2012

McCormick Grillmates House Party

I had won a McCormick Grillmates house party through Crowdtap.
We did this party on 9th June 2012. We had tons of fun, my colleagues Dad cooked the meats using McCormick Grill mates spices and rubs. 

There were at least 40 couples with kids ranging from 2 years  to 15 years old they all enjoyed the food and drinks. People loved all the spices and rubs and the bourbon sauce. It was a fun party I would love do something like this in a heart beat.