Sunday, December 22, 2013

Purex:Fels-Naptha Review

I  was sent a Free Purex Fels-Naptha Stain Remover laundry Bar Soap by Purex Insiders to review. Along with the free bars I got some free Coupons to give away for other people to try it too.

I tried the Bar right away on some Cotton undergarments. The Bar felt sticky (because of fat in the soap perhaps) while using but I can't tell how please I was with the result. It didn't damage my Undergarment but took away all the sweat stains and now my undergarments are clean and they stay that way because I use it regularly.

I even went to the store and bought two more bars so that I won't out of it in a long time.

Next I used it on my Kitchen Towel. It had so many stains and they were not coming off at all but this Bar helped me solve that problem. I would recommend this Bar to any one. I shared my Coupons with a co-worker and a family member that would definitely use it.

The Co-worker is a custodian at my work place and she is responsible for washing all the dish rags and other rags used in the building. She told me that she is very pleased with the results and would love to buy it for her home too.

Hooray for Fels -Naptha Stain Remover laundry bar.

  Before and after Pictures.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hershey's Chocolate Spread Review for Crowdtap

Share the small pleasures of fall.

I got a chance to review Hershey's Spread for the Crowdtap (www. I was very excited to get accepted for this review because:

1. I absolutely love Hershey's Products

2. I truly wanted to taste this before purchasing for my house.

I opened the Box as soon as it arrived at my doorstep.After that the fun of tasting it began and my Husband also joined me. We tasted it with every possible thing that we can spread it on or dip it in.

I got the one with Almonds and I absolutely love Almonds so it was perfect for me. It comes in three varities:

1. Chocolate
2. Almond
3. Hazelnut

I found this Product to be very smooth, very creamy and extremely delicious. We even melted a 1/4 cup of  Hershey's Spread in a Glass bowl in Microwave for 15 sec to drizzle it over our Waffles and then later drizzle it on our Cookies and ice cream.

It is versatile and can be used in so many ways and each way is delicious than others.

I would definitely recommend it to any one. It is worth trying it.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Thanks BzzAgent and Green Mountain for my Free Samples of K Cup Coffee. I opened the Box immediately when it arrived at my house.

This Coffee is not only delicious, Bold and smooth but by buying this coffee we help  farmers earn their living. 

Here is a little fact about fair trade on BzzAgent's page:

The Fair Trade movement allows farmers to get a fair price for their Coffee beans, which leads to community development projects like new schools, improved roads, and safer drinking water.

This Coffee is a blend of three Continents namely Asia, South America and Africa.

I would definitely recommend this coffee and I'll be buying more of this K-cup coffee than any other brand.

That's me in the Picture enjoying my Morning Coffee with waffles.

Visit this website and Use  one of these Codes to save  $2 on 24 Count K-cups: FTBZZ-MM3G995, FTBZZ-MM3G9M0, FTBZZ-MM42RK9, FTBZZ-MM47795, FTBZZ-MM4LY0D

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Truvia Sweetner testing for Crowdtap

I have  been using Artificial Sweetener for a long , long time. But I always had a metallic taste in my Mouth. So, when I got a chance to apply for Truvia Sample and Share from Crowdtap (www. I applied quickly and I got in.

My Sample arrived very late but it did finally arrive for me to complete my report.

My friend at my workplace had shown me a packet that she was using at my workplace. But at that time I didn't pay much attention. But she told me that it is very natural and it comes from a plant named Stevia. It is also know as Sugar Leaf and grows in Zone 9 . It also grows indoors or in a Greenhouse.

The Guaran√≠ people of Paraguay, Bolivia & Brazil have been using stevia, which they called ka'a he'√™ ("sweet herb"), to sweeten  yerba mate ( a kind of beverage) and medicinal teas for treating heartburn and other such ailments. People who are suffering from obesity and hypertension might benefit from this. Stevia has a very little or no effect  on blood sugar  it might be a good  natural sweetener for diabetics and people who are avoiding carbohydrates.
 Here is a  Picture of a Stevia Plant.

My Husband drink moderate amounts of Coffee and we like to use sweeteners only and no real Sugar for us. So,Truvia is definitely for us. We finally found a sweetener that doesn't give out a metallic taste and tastes like sugar.

I like the Companies sustainable programs to help families in Bolivia. I'm totally sold on Truvia.

Looking for Truvia Coupons? It is easy if you have a coupon friendly Printer got www. and print Truvia Coupons for .75 c off any Truvia Product.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Purex Ultra Packs with OXI and Zout Review

Last Month I got an excellent opportunity to try the DIRT LIFT ACTION PUREX ULTRAPACKS PLUS OXI AN ZOUT STAIN REMOVER. As a Purex Insider ( I got to test this Product for free and Share some free product Coupons.

The Box arrived at my Doorstep as I was promised and inside there was a Full Size bag of Purex UltraPacks (18 counts/Loads) and free product coupons to share.

I used the Product right away and I was very surprised at how much I liked it. My Clothes came out clean and in fact cleaner than I had anticipated. I work at an elementary school so my clothes get very easily dirty because of the hugs that I get from the children so anything that is on their hands gets transferred on my clothes including Ketchup and Mustard and also because my job requires me to see of the kids when they go home and I have to stand next to the Vehicles with their engines running and the fumes get on to clothes making them look dirty.

I was pretty satisfied with the Product and my experience using it  would have been  better if  I could easily find it in the stores.I wonder why this awesome Product has not reached our Stores.

 Here is the Purex line of Products that I have been using , I was already using the Purex Fabric Softener and now I have added the UltraPacks to my Laundry care products.
After using it here is what I found out:

PROS: 1. Super easy and convenient to use. Just Toss one pack and go. For tougher stains we can toss two packs
2. Clothes come out super clean.
3. Even kids can do the laundry because there is no measuring required and they don't have to worry about putting to much detergent or not putting enough detergent.
4. Coupons are available
5. Easy to carry, store and handle bags.
6. No spills and no mess
7. I just need one product and I don't have the need to use multiple products like fabric whiteners etc.
8. Ideal for all kinds of Washing Machines including he kinds(High Efficiency ones like mine)
9. The pack dissolves completely and there is no residual of the pack left in the washing machine.

CONS: 1. It is not easily available in the Stores at least in my area.
2. The Cost is slightly higher than the Purex Liquid Detergent.
3. It doesn't come in exotic Scents and smells.

I wanted to share this awesome Products with the people that I know would definitely use this Product and some one I could share the experience of using it. These are my co-workers and I showed them my bag so that they can see the product and learn more about it before buying their own bags with the free product Coupon. We talked about the Purex UltraPacks and how efficient it is. These Co-workers are not only responsible for buying the laundry Products for their homes but are also responsible for buying them for our School. One of them have three active kids who are heavily involved in Sports activities.

For more information and  to enter to win $50 visit

If you have small children in your household then please remember to Reseal the bag after each use and keep it away from the reach of children.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Purex Fabric Softener Sheets Review

Purex Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets Review

New improved formula with 3X the fragrance!

I was sent a Free Box of 40 Sheets of  Purex Fabric Softener Sheets by Purex Insiders ( to review. I had never used this product before though I have been using Purex products for quite sometime. I was sent the Mountain Breeze Scented ones with Some Free Product Coupons.
The moment I opened the box I could smell it and it smelled good. I like strong smelling Products for my laundry and this one was totally awesome. When my Son and Husband came home they kept asking where was that awesome smell coming from. So I showed them my Box. My Son wanted to buy one immediately to take it with him to his College but we couldn't find it in our area.

Cautionary Note: I love Strong Scents and so does my family but if you have sensitivity to strong smells then be cautious. I absolutely loved it.

I would love to try the Sweet Lavender if  I can find this Product but unfortunately it is not available in our area I tried to see if Walmart could deliver it to my house but I found out that this item is not available for shipping from Since I couldn't buy it so I'm not sure about the Price but the free product Coupon tells me that they are priced at $1.75 for a Biox of 40 sheets. That is an awesome price.

These Fabric sheets are pretty thick  which means that just one sheet is enough for a big load.
I not only used these Fabric Softener sheets in my laundry but also tuck them under the mattress, Under the Sofa Cushion, and also in my Car.

Like Purex on their facebook page ( to enter in Giveaways, get coupons and get the Purex news on new products.  
I rubbed it on my Chair it not only made the chair smell good and freshened it up but also caught some hair.

I did  my Coupon giveaways to my Parent Volunteers. They do everything to help me to be to able teach my Students effectively. So I drew their names out of the hat and gave the free Purex Fabric Sheets Coupons for them to try it.

Congrats Jill and Mrs. Tapia !! thanlks for all you do for our Students and our Staff.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Renuzit Adjustable cones testing for Purex Insiders

I'm a Purex Insider  and I have reviewed Purex Fabric Sheets for them and now I can't wait to try Renuzit cones. I hope that I get chosen. I use them at home and at the Library where I work. It's an old Library and kind of gets very musty if it is closed for a long time. Renuzit cones are affordable and keeps my Library smelling good and fresh. .

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield Mouthwash

I got a surprise package from Influenster couple days ago in my Mailbox. On my way home from the mailbox I'm wondering what did I  receive from them to try. You see that I'm an Influenster on their website I had  gotten an awesome opportunity to test their Voxbox (this box came with lots of goodies like a hairbrush, a set of Kiss nail dress and lots of other goodies). So, I knew who exactly sent me this box. I shook it a little bit and it felt like a bottle or something. Now I got very curious and couldn't wait to open it. That was the first mail I opened and inside there was a Full Size (8.4 Fl oz.) Bottle  of Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield Mouthwash.

I was very happy to receive my second sample Box from Influenster. Thank you Influesnter for choosing me to try this Mouthwash. This Mouthwash comes in three flavors:
1. Peppermint Blast
2. Spearmint Surge
3. Wintermint Rush

I have written the flavors in color because these Mouthwashes do come in these awesome colors. I got the Blue one (Peppermint Blast) to try. I immediately brushed my teeth and did couple swishes the Mouthwash. I didn't feel any burn on my tongue, gums and insides of my cheeks. My Mouth suddenly felt fresh and my teeth felt squeaky clean.  Now my mouth feels and stays fresh for a long time. What's even better is that knowing that this Mouthwash is going to protect my teeth for 12 hours and liklls 99% germs. It is Alcohol free.I'm definitely going to buy this Mouthwash for a long time I would suggest you, my friends and family (who ever is reading my blog)to use this . Try it yourself to believe it.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fried Chicken At Kroger Review for BzzAgent

I don't actually have Kroger near my house but OFC and Fred Meyer's are our go to places for Kroger Family Stores. My Son lives in Michigan and he shops at Kroger all the time. The proximity of these stores near my house is the best thing.

We had never tasted before we got to do the taste testing on BzzAgent. Thanks to BzzAgent we got a coupon for a 8 Pieces Deli Fried  Chicken, a Coke product and a free bag of Kettle style Chips.

One fine mid morning my Son and I went to QFC to pick up Fried  Chicken but to our disappointment they just had 5 Pieces of fried Chicken and they offered to  give us three pieces of roasted Chicken. We didn't know what to do but we took it.

Then we picked up a bottle of Diet Coke. They had all kinds of Kroger Brand Chips but again no Kettle Style Chips.We cam home and settle down to eat. The  Kroger  Brand Deli Fried Chicken  were delicious. The meat was tender, Juicy and Succulent. They were not salty. the out layer was crisp.

My only concern was the Fried Chicken was too oily. They could have been a little less oily.

Finally I found the Kroger Brand Kettle chips at Fred Meyer's. So we ate all these on separate occasions. The Chips were delicious. They didn't feel so oily like other brand name kettle chips. They were very light, Crisp and very even in color.

Over everything was delicious and we will bey buying these items over and over again.