Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Lipton Mango Flavored Iced tea Reviews for My magazine sharing network.

Lipton® Mango Iced Tea 12-16.9 fl. oz. Bottles

I'm a member of My Magazine Sharing network by Kroger co. I get to try different types of products for free.This time I got to try a 12 bottles pack of Lipton mango Iced tea for free.

These are ready to drink Iced tea in mango flavor.Having grown up in tropical country.I always loved mangoes because they are sold abundantly. During the hot summer months my Mom would have mangoes ready either to be eaten as a fruit or she would prepare drinks and desserts with mango in it.

This beverage immediately reminded  me of my childhood years growing up consuming Mangoes in my parents house.

I absolutely loved the beverage because the appearance of this drink is pretty cool.It has that beautiful golden color  makes us want to consume it. Then when I opened the bottle I was met with a very pleasant smell of Mango.

When I looked at the nutritional info on the bottle I was a little bit startled to see that each bottle had 25 oz. of sugar that is really high in my opinion.But when I tasted it then I found out that the beverage wasn't overpoweringly sweet and the sweetness  was in fact  just right.

However the Mango flavor could have been a little stronger but my Husband thought that it was just right and maybe more mango flavor would have made it more of an mango drink than an Iced tea. hate to say that he is right but I guess that this time he is indeed right.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Nutmilk Silk Milk

Protein Nutmilk

I'm a Crowdtap member and a sa member I get to try free name brand and generic items to try.This time I got to try a 1/2 gallon  Carton of Silk Protein Nutmilk for free.

Facts about Silk nutmilk:

1. One good thing about this Nutmilks are that it takes 80% less water to produce one carton of milk compared to getting  cows milk.That is environment friendly.

2. This nutmilk has 50% more calcium than dairy milk

3. There is no artificial flavors or colors added to it.

4. Has only .5 grams saturated  fats so it might be good for our heart.

5. Has 80 grams potassium

6. Has 0 Cholesterol

These are easily available at many stores.I got mine from a nearby Safeway

I had never tasted this before I got this campaign ,to try and give my honest opinion. Being a vegetarian I seek food and beverages that are loaded with Protein. This product definitely suits my needs  with 10 grams of protein/serving. Another good thing about this product is that besides being very delicious  it has just 2 grams of sugar so either we can have it as it is or customize it by adding sugar or sweetener according to our taste  and or recipe (if I'm adding it in my cooking).

Making a yummy breakfast that is filling and is nutritious is a big deal for me on everyday  basis because I work full time outside my house. So I made Overnight Oatmeal. I added 1/2 cup of Silk Protein Nutmilk with 2 grams sugar, 1/2 cup of rolled oats (not instant), 1 container of silk dairy free yogurt I got my favorite flavor(mango and peach). few cranberries and some chopped strawberries. I put all these thing in a Mason jar and put the lid on it threw in the fridge to keep it there for overnight to  soak up all the goodness. Next morning a delicious breakfast is ready to take it with me.

I  also made a Strawberry Smoothie with Silk Protein Nutmilk and Some fresh strawberries and Silk dairy free yogurt.

This is a really good stuff and I would recommend it to any one thais lactose intolerant or doesn't consume dairy to avoid the Cholesterol and saturated fats 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Arm and Hammer Baking Soda Review for Simple Solutions Community

I received a Full sized 1 LB box of Pure Arm and Baking Soda to review. Thanks Arm and Hammer for my free full sized 1 LB box of Baking soda and baking soda shaker bottle. I use Arm and Hammer baking soda because it is pure and I trust it. I used to use it only for my baking and then I saw a Fridge box to deodorize the fridge.

It was very recently that I read and heard a lot about it's use for cleaning purposes and now I have been using to clean my house and baking soda is not only for baking but it's a versatile item and everyone should have it in their cupboard or pantry.

1. Freshening up my laundry: I sprinkle some baking soda before shutting the door of my washing machine it not only freshens up the laundry but it also cleans the drum of my washing machine.

2. Deorderize The carpet : 1st clean the carpet with a Vacuum Cleaner and then sprinkle baking Soda generously and leave it  for few hours and then Vacuum again.

3. Cleaning the oven  : Sprinkle some arm and hammer baking soda  and then spray some water on it. leave it overnight and then sweep it away in the morning.

3. Cleaning The Bathroom and Toilet Bowls : Sprinkle some baking soda in the toilet bowl and leave it as long as you can brush it and flush.

4. Cleaning Kitchen sponges : add 4 tbsp of Arm and Hammer baking soda to 1 quart of  warm water.Soak them in this strong solution and then rinse away after that for more thorough cleaning just gently heat the sponge in the microwave oven.

5. Cleaning Hair Brush : Remove all the heir and kind of dry dust it to remove the dead cells and dirt and then soak in a basin of warm water with 1 Tbsp of Arm and hammer baking Soda added to it. This solution will help in removing the oils and grime and clean the hair brush. wash it with clean water and spread them on a dry towel to dry.

One tine box of Arm and Hammer baking soda and so many uses.

Saturday, January 28, 2017