Monday, January 26, 2015

Purex Power Shot Review and Giveaway

I got a free full sized bottle of Mountain Breeze New Purex Power Shot Detergent to try, This product also comes in Natural Elements fragrance Linen and Lilies.Purex Power shot automatically dispenses the right amount of super Concentrated detergent.

It is very easy to use Just open the Bottle cap flip the bottle upside down to deliver one dose of super concentrated detergent.The power shot engine automatically refills and is ready for the next dose. My clothes came out super clean and smelling really fresh and nice.

Use 1 flip for regular load and 2 flips for large or extra dirty loads.

Disclaimer: Free full sized Bottle of Purex Powershot was sent to me to test and give my reviews and do a giveaway. Other than that I wasn't compensated in any other way.

giveaway will start on 1/27/2015  @ 12:00 am and you have until 2/3/2015 to enter.

Leave a Blog post comment..This activity is mandatory. Also you must join my site to gain a chance to winning a free product coupon. The product will be available at Walmart in February. Winners will be notified via facebook. There will be two lucky winners and each winner will receive a  $6 face value coupon. added Bonus is each winner will also receive a $1.50 off coupon to buy any fragrance of  powershot laundry detergent.  The expiration date of these coupons  is 12/31/2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Brookside Crunchy Clusters review for crowdtap

Crunchy Clusters

I'm a Crowdtap member and as a Crowdtap member I get to enjoy lots of free products to test and give my honest opinion and besides getting free sample I wasn't compensated in any way.All the opinions in this review are mine, my husband's and my friends who got to taste it.

I love dark Chocolate and it is paired with a berry fruit then it is even better. So, when I was asked by Crowdtap if I would like to participate to sample Brookside dark Chocolate Crunchy clusters in berry Medley flavors, I got very excited. I got a free full sized bag of this chocolate. You can go to their website and see  what other products that they have.

I work a lot from home  making lesson plans and I love to have some kind of snack with me.This was perfect. It's size is also perfect to pop in our mouth. They are extremely delicious with soft and crunchy centers at the same time the crunchiness comes from the multigrains and the softness comes from the fruit based centers. I guess this product will be my work buddy for a long time to come.
I wanted to try these chocolate clusters with other things that I eat so I found out that they really taste very good with  strong fruit flavored yogurt like Pineapple yogurt (it reminded me of chocolate covered pineapple  pieces.
I have tried it with pairing with other food items like Popcorn. I love popcorn but I like to pop them at home and I sprinkled some clusters in my bowl of popcorn.The salt and salty combo goes very well making it a yummy snack.

I shared some from my free bag with my husband and very soon I was at the store  to buy some more for my Bunco Party and one bag for my parent volunteer. I haven't seen my parent volunteer after she got the present from me because she is home not feeling well. However the Bunco party people loved them a lot.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Honestly Moist Goodness of Sara Lee Pound Cakes

Thanks BzzAgent and Sara Lee for  my Free full size  sample of Sara Lee Pound cake found in Frozen Dessert section. As a BzzAgent I get to try a lot of products that are relevant to me and are used by me and my family members. These products are sometimes  Kroger Brand Generic/Store Brand products and sometimes they are name brands.

We love a great and fresh tasting pound cake in my household.So I was very happy to be a part of this testing campaign. found these products at my Fred Meyer Store(Kroger Family store) but they didn't have too many varieties to choose from as I was hoping but we still were happy that we found All Butter Sara Lee Pound Cake

When I opened the package I was expecting it to have some ice on it and I thought that it will be a solid rock frozen cake.I thought that  I'll have to use a really large and sharp knife to cut it in to slices but to my family's and my amazement  it was very easy to cut the slices and they came out clean and I could cut them in any thickness that I wanted.

The Instructions said that they are ready in 10 seconds/slice in the Microwave oven so exactly did that. Super easy to cut and super easy to heat.This dessert was my dream dessert. I had seen people serving these Sara Lee Pound cakes with ice cream or whipped cream but I thought about trying something different.

I had few cups of Strawberry yogurt in my fridge and I also had some delicious frozen Strawberries in my freezer.There were some Dark Chocolate berry flavored clusters bag in my pantry. I added all these things for serving and the results were amazing.

I also tried toasted Sara Lee Pound Cakes.I sliced them and then put them in a pan with butter and toasted them until they got some brown spots on them. Yummy!!!

The possibilities are endless with Sara Lee pound Cakes.