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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Soft , smooth skin year round with Jergens Wet Skin Lotion

Dry skin is such an annoyance and it can happen year around because of pollution AC/Heat, Sun and many other reasons unknown to us.

I'm always looking for a good lotion to keep my skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. I have tried many lotions some with good results and some others that I didn't care about at all.

I'm a member of  Crowdtap and as a member we get to enjoy free samples that are either sample size or full sized products. This time I got to try full sized bottle of Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizing Lotion with refreshing coconut oil.

I'm a person that likes to try new products but at the same time feel a little bit apprehensive at first.So, I was full of skepticism when I heard about this product However when it came to my doorstep via mail I had to smell it first and then try it asap.

I loved the pleasant smell of coconut oil that wasn't too heavy and oil-ish. The texture of lotion felt very light and very smooth something that would spread easily.It was too thick or too watery, it didn't feel slimy.In fact it had a good consistency

I loved to see how easy it was to use and it saved some time on my daily extremely busy schedule. Now  I just take a shower every morning before heading for work and apply the lotion on my wet skin while I'm still in the shower and then I pat dry my skin with a soft towel , taking care not to rub heavily and  I'm ready to face the day with a  very smooth, soft and supple skin that smells good too.I feel confident knowing that my skin is glowing.
The pleasant smell makes me feel very good. I loved it's silky smooth texture.Applying on the wet skin locks all the water on our body to keep it hydrated, AC/heat makes our skin dull and dry but now I won't have that problem.
On week days that are busy with work I use it in shower and on weekends and no work days I take a bath and apply it to my skin and it keeps my skin soft and smooth whole night long.
This product is definitely going to be on my shopping list when I'll need to buy a lotion again.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Buy Fragrance free Feminine Hygiene products

Seventh generation understands that we don't need fragrance and deodorants in Tampons and Pads.They are transparent about what's in their Products. I use Seventh Generation Products all the time.They are slightly expensive but for me they are totally worth it.

Maya Rudolph tells it like it is. You don’t need fragrances on your tampon. Watch the video

Seventh Generation Tampons are made with certified Organic Cotton. This cotton is whitened with out any chemicals containing Chlorine.

Read more about their products here:

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fragrance less Feminine Hygiene Products

We don't need fragrance filled Tampons. taking frequent baths and washing while changing my tampons keeps me feeling clean and reduces the chances of any odors.

We seriously don't need perfumes, unnecessary chemicals and Chlorine (all these are linked to health issues like allergies, asthma, cancer, and reproduction system related health issues. which goes in to Tampons while they are being processed. Seventh Generation has items that are perfect for people who try to avoid all these harmful ingredients that we don't don't even need. Seventh Generation’s feminine care line is free of fragrances & deodorants so you can keep it free & clear down there. It is in fact good for our health  especially since we hear so much that Talcum powders and other good smelling stuff  that women have been putting for feminine hygiene  is backfiring on them and women are having incidences of ovarian cancer etc.

Seventh generation Feminine hygiene products come like a fresh breath of air and we don't have to feel any stress of facing consequences of using chemical laden hygiene products.

I like seventh Generation mission for transparency  of disclosure of Ingredients on their packaging because as consumers we have the right to know and make our choices.These Tampons are 100% organic cotton tampons. This Organic Cotton is certified for being Organic and is whitened with the use of Chlorine.

Check out their Pads and pantyliner to.

There are plenty of varieties of Seventh Generation Organic Tampons to choose from they come in Regular, super and super plus sizes to suit our needs.The regular and Super comes with applicators too.

Watch this Video featuring Maya Rudolph.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent Review

I'm a proud member of Seventh Generation Good. As a member we get to try free products and give our honest opinion. I got a free full sized product coupon  in the mail. I made a big mistake though I didn't check what other stores have these but I knew that whole Foods sell them. They were slightly pricey and priced more than m y coupon's total value but I still bought and paid the difference since it was totally worth it.

These detergent come in many varieties to choose from. I bought the Blue Eucalyptus & Lavender  because I love the lavender scent.

It is colorless Detergent so that's good to know that there are definitely no harmful dyes in it to make it look colorful and attractive. Color of the detergent doesn't serve any purpose because how much it cleans our clothes that is important.

I was very satisfied with this product because my clothes came out smelling good and looking very clean. However I did find the Blue Eucalyptus smell a little sharper than is my personal opinion that I would have loved to have my clothes smelling of Lavender. But again smell is irrelevant  and cleaning ability of the detergent is of utmost importance and it faired very well on that area. I'll definitely be buying this in future.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated by the company in any way besides receiving the free full sized bottle. All the opinions stated here are based on my personal observation and all the Pictures and opinions are mine

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Purex Plus Clorox2 Review

I'm a Purex Social Insider and as a social insider I get to try various free full sized products for free and give my honest opinion.

This time I'll be reviewing Purex Plus Clorox2 Detergent. I was sent a free full sized bottle and   I also have three free Products coupons to  give away to my Blog readers. Rafflecopter will pick three winners and these coupons will be mailed to you at your address.

I was very thrilled to get my package and above all I like very clean and fresh clothes in my closet and lots of  clean kitchen towels in my kitchen cabinet.I just can't stubborn stains and I do everything to get rid of them.

The following Challenge from Purex Community for the participants of this review:

1. What's the Toughest Stain that you had to tackle: My answer to that would be Turmeric. Turmeric is a very healthy spice and gives a nice golden color to the food but it also is a very hard stain to tackle and looks awful on clothes and it doesn't go away easily. People in my household somehow manage to smudge their clothes more when I use turmeric.

2. Purex Plus Clorox2 works on 100 Stains, was there any rare stain?: I'll say that Turmeric is still the rare stain that I have tackled because it is not very widely used and very few people know about it and/or use it.I myself use it very rarely.

3. Do I have any tips to tackle stain?: Yes, Sure I do. Try to start the process of washing as soon as possible and don't let the stain sit on clothes for too long. Pre treat the stained areas by applying detergent but gently rub only that area so that the stain doesn't spread to other parts.

Little info about this product:

Purex Plus Clorox 2 comes in 2 Scents~ Original Fresh and Sunny Linen  (I got to try the Sunny Linen). Purex Clorox Plus 2 is safe for colors and bleach free. It contains 3 Stain fighting enzymes to remove 100 stains.It removes starchy stains like Chocolate and Tomato Sauce.It removes Protein based stains like blood.It also removes stains that use guar gum like BBQ sauce and ice cream.

I used  to remove turmeric stain from my white Kitchen towel.At first I  pre-treated the stain by pouring some detergent on the stained area and then I gently rubbed that with my fingers so that the stain doesn't get spread . According to the directions on the bottle we should leave the  detergent on for 5 minutes but I waited for a slightly longer time.

Then off it went in to my washer. The stain was gone when it came out of the washer.

The Turmeric Stain is gone. I did have to put it in the stain cycle for extra time because Turmeric stain is a very stubborn stain and doesn't easily go away but good thing is it go away so this detergent did work on it.

Next I tried this with Mustard Stain.

Mustard Stain was mostly gone by pre-treatment itself and I left the detergent for 5 minutes before  putting it in the washer.

This is a after washing picture of my kitchen towel.

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Disclaimer: All the pictures and opinions are mine in this review and I didn't receive any Monetary compensation  but I did receive a free full sized product.

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