Sunday, March 23, 2014

Purex Crystals Limited Edition Fabulously Fresh Review and Giveaway

I got to try this Limited Edition Purex Crystals (Fabulously Fresh Scent). These are in wash Fragrance boosters that are added before washing clothes along with our favorite Laundry Detergent. I love to have some scent in my freshly washed clothes and I'm always looking for some fresh scents . This free   full sized Product came to my house with some coupons to share with my Blog readers.

But first I had to put it to test so that I can share my opinion with the readers. When I opened  the bottle I could smell a nice smell of Lilies (I guess that's what it smells like) in the pretty green colored  Crystals.

This Product comes with a easy to use Cap that also acts like measuring cup so depending upon our size of load we can choose if we want small amount, medium or large amount. Mine was neither small nor too large so I decided to use medium amount.

This Product can be used in Top or  front loading Washing Machine. Load your Machine with clothes and sprinkle your desired amount of this Crystal add your favorite laundry detergent and  Choose your desired settings to wash depending upon your type of clothes.

I have used this Product even on my Hotel quality Bed Linen and it has helped my bed Linen smelling so fresh and floral.

This scent is perfect for me because I like to have nice floral scented things right from perfumes to the detergents.

My washing Machine is all set and is waiting for me to add the laundry Detergent (I use Purex laundry detergent).

I haven't seen this Product at my stores yet but the expiration date on the Coupons are good until 09/30/2014 so by that time it should be available at the stores.

Do you want to try it to believe it that this product is really really good then please follow the directions on the rafflecopter for a chance to win a Free Product Coupon. They will be mailed to you at your desired destination. Two lucky winners will get a Free Product coupon of their own.
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Friday, March 21, 2014

New Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap Review for Purex Insider

I love using nice smelling Hand Soap so when I found out that I got picked to test these two full sized samples of Dial deep hand Cleansing  Hand Soap , I was very happy.

I'm a germophobic and on top of that I work at an Elementary School. I need to have my hands clean all the time because I don't want to fall sick and make my students suffer because I'm on leave.

(I got Coconut Lime Verbena and Yellow Raspberry and Black Sugar Scents)

But at the same time I worry that skin of my hands will become very rough after using a liquid hand soap all the time.

When the package arrived at my door step I was very eager to put the hand soap to test. I didn't know that I was chosen and above all I didn't know that  I'm getting two bottles of full sized samples. The icing on the cake was 5 coupons to share with  friends and family members.

I used both the Scents and was very pleased that they really smelled. I loved the Micro Scrubber Beads in it, they exfoliate the skin and take the dirt and dead cells off the skin keeping it smooth and fresh and clean. I like hand soaps or any kinds of soap with lots of lather and this one did give me lots of lather just the way I like it.

These two hand soaps smelled super awesome and had refreshing smell.

I shared my coupons with my fellow co-workers who also fear for the germs getting transmitted from one person to another.

I'll definitely be buying these in future and will definitely recommend it to any that asks me about them.

I gave one coupon to my Facebook acquaintance, she didn't wish to be photographed. She lives in Arkansas and I hope that she enjoyed her coupon and got this awesome hand soap to try. I bet that she loved it too .

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fiber One Protein Cereal

I'm a BzzAgent and I got to taste the Fiber One Protein Cereal for free from BzzAgent. Thanks BzzAgent and General Mills for my Free Full sized two Sample boxes in 2 different Flavors (Cranberry and Almonds and Maple Brown Sugar).

I didn't realize that there will taste so good. My Husband was very skeptical thinking that sometimes healthy down't taste so good. But not in this case. Both  the flavors were delicious but I personally love Cranberries a lot so I loved that flavor and the maple Brown Sugar also turned out to be very delicious.

I couldn't taste Almonds so much in the first flavor but the maple Brown Sugar had real pieces of Pecans and I could taste them.

These Cereals are not only delicious but also  nutritious. They are high in Protein and with 1/4 cup milk (I use 1%  fat content  Milk). One Bowl of Cereal gives me 10 Grams Protein when milk is added to it. A vegetarian person like me really needs something that gives them high Protein.

I love foods that have high Monounsaturated fat contents and in this case there is 3 Grams in every serving so that's good. In this day and age where we are extra cautious about what we are eating mosty of us  are aiming towards eating food that high in Fibers. 6 grams Fibers is a pretty good to way start our morning.

I'll definitely recommend this cereal to any one that asks my opinion.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Purex Crystals Mountain Breeze Review

When I came back home from my work one day, I saw from my car as I pulled in my driveway  that there was a box sitting at my door step and it was very dark outside and the box was placed the other way around. So, I didn't know what it was and where it came from.

Got down hurriedly and was very surprised and extremely happy to see that after all I did get picked to review this Product. Took the Box inside to see a big 28 OZ. Bottle of Purex Crystals Mountain
 Breeze was inside and there were three Coupons.

I'm a skeptic when it comes to new products and I  really love it when I can  test a product for free or for a low cost to see if I will continue using it.

I opened the bottle to smell the contents and to surprise the smell was pretty good and not at all heady or strong as I had anticipated. It was just right.

I have never used a Fabric Softener and fabric freshener that is added before the wash. The Cup provided with the Bottle with markings for a small load, medium load and large load takes the guess work out and it is very easy to measure and toss the crystals in the washer.

But after putting the crystals in  the  washer my worry was will it stain my clothes or ruin it in any other way. But no I even used it on my favorite  white Scarf that I had recently purchased from H&M. It came out just fine and smelling really good.
Here is a You tube Video that I made while I was using the product.

I love it's long lasting smell and I would recommend this product to any one that is looking for some fresh smell in the freshly washed clothes.

We very recently had purchased a new bed and my husband wanted the best quality linen which is very soft and doesn't get fabric balls after use. I used this product on those Linen too and I  love going to bed that smells great and wake up to still a fresh smelling bed.

I shared my free Product coupons with my colleague and a Mom who comes and helps me in  the School's Library where I work.

Coupons for sharing.

Shared my First Coupon with my Volunteer. She helps me a lot in the Library so this was just a little thank you from me and I bet that she would love to use it in her family.

Coupon #2 Shared with the Custodian of our school. She keeps my Library Clean and  she loves to test Products and gives me her honest opinion about the Products that I have shared with her.

My Free test Product is all set for putting to use.

Measuring Cup, so easy to pour and measure, love it.

How cool is that, no more pouring the entire stuff. Just the right amount for the right load. Small load small amount is all I need.

All set to make those smelly socks smell fresh.