Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Totally Biased by W Kamau Bell

Event: Totally Biased By W Kamau Bell party
When: 08/09/2012 Thursday between 6:30 PM and 12;00 am
where: Sandi H's House

This was the Invitation that I made

We all got together at her house at 6:30 PM to have some fun times. She had arranged for lots of Food and Drinks. We ate Sandwiches, Cheese, fruits. Kaili Bray's Husband brought some freshly picked Cherries and they were delicious, very juicy and very sweet. For quenching our thirst there was Lemonade, Iced Tea and Coke products.

Mr. K is reading all about the funny guy W Kamau Bell and wondering who is this guy. I hope the show is good . I would have loved to work but I got invited to see this show.
That's Kaili Looking at the W Kamau Bell's  poster that I printed out. We all had a blast and we played Bunco while discussing who this guy is. No one knew and every body was patiently waiting for the show.The show was a huge success everybody enjoyed a good quality laugh. They were all  discussing about the next week show already and  were wondering how would that look like.

Yummy delicious food and W Kamau bell poster. :) 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Woolite Extra Dark Care Sample Share

Event: Woolite Extra Dark Care Sample Share
When: 07/31/2012, Tuesday
Where: School Library
Theme of the party Never Torture your Jeans again

Thanks Crowdtap and Woolite for the ten free Samples of Woolite Extra dark care and a $1 off Coupon. I had fun time sharing those Samples with my guests. I invited 10 guests for my sample party. There was food and raffle drawing for Prize in my Party.

I had tied up each Packet of  Woolite Extra Dark Care with beautiful Golden Ribbon and had also tied a Wooden clothes Peg for that extra touch.

We discussed that how we used to think that Woolite Products are only for delicate clothing  and we don't use it for anything else. My Guests were surprised when I told them that Woolite is for washing Jeans, Sweaters, T-Shirts and/or any of your favorite clothing items.

All my guests had little kids so it was idealistic topic and item for them to have. 

We all agree on one thing that we should stop torturing our jeans and use Woolite Products.

We ate Cupcakes,Crackers and some Butterscotch Candies. There were some Book marks for kids to take home and also I did a win a Book raffle for the kids and a raffle drawing for the Moms to win a Beauty bag.

I did a follow up with all the Guests that went home with a Free Sample of Woolite Extra Dark Care. Seems like a lot of them loved the Product and already used the $1.00 coupon to buy a Full sized Woolite Product.

We also watched the Woolite ad on you Tube.

Thanks Crowdtap for giving me this awesome opportunity to share something with my guests  and tell them something that I learned from the discussions on the Crowdtap. I will always remember about this for many, many years to come.