Thursday, December 27, 2012

Healthy Choice baked Entrees Reviwes

 New Baked Entrees

I got accepted for a Sample and share from Crowdtap ( They had  given me a link to share the coupons ($1 Healthy Choice 's new off each Box of baked Entrees). Here is the Link for it. for some reason if this one doesn't work then there is one more link for .&5 cents off each Box (we can print two Coupons from one Computer).

I used mine I could print out two coupons and used it at Albertson's with their sales and deals and got them for .79 each . Not a great deal but I was satisfied. Some one else here mentioned that they had @ their Store those for $2.18 I would have loved that Price since their store was doubling so they would have gotten it for .18 Cents ea.
Without Doubles it would have been a little bit expensive for me to purchase it especially if I had no clue how the product tasted but now I'm glad that I could double it and I'll get to taste something that I didn't know anything about before this Sample Share by the Crowdtap.
I hope that my friends also get those for an awesome Price, they told me that they have printed and used those but I haven't heard if they got a good deal or not.
I bought two Healthy Choice , 4 Cheese Baked Ziti . I can't wait to taste those this weekend. So that I have enough time to taste it and see how I feel about it. I was lucky when I went to the Store there only two of boxes  of 4 Cheese Baked Ziti Marinara left on the Freezer shelf as you can see in the Picture (right most Picture).
 I shared my healthy Choice baked Entree Coupons, printed two coupons for my own personal use .
I'm a skeptic as always but I get even more skeptical when it comes to healthy foods that is Pre-Packaged or frozen or ready to eat and even heat and eat. When it comes to healthy eating I trusted my cooking only.
So obviously I was very afraid to buy this Product so I sat with my $1.00 Healthy Choice Baked Entrees Coupons for many days especially because first of all it wasn't free and then I had never tried this product before. But then all of a sudden I found an awesome deal at Albertson's and that was the last day of the deal . There was no School day (i.e no workday) for me because of the Budget reduction day. I gathered up some courage and bought two boxes of Healthy Choice , 4 Cheese Ziti marinara. Brought it home and Kept in the Freezer and then again sat on it for some more days still feeling afraid to try. 
On Friday the 15th December I was getting ready to go to work when I suddenly realized that I hadn't prepared my Lunch the previous night because I went to bed early since I was very tired. I opened my Freezer and there was nothing there that I could have cooked in the Microwave Oven in a Jiffy except for these two Boxes of Healthy Choice Baked Entrees.
I picked up one box and left for my work. @ 12:30 PM my Lunch time I heated it in the Microwave of our Staff lounge. When I was cooking it I heard a lot of people murmuring so this is what the Product is ,that she shared the Coupons for. It smells so good. Boy!! the smell was heavenly but I still wasn't sure what I was going to eat if I didn't like it so I bought a Small Salad from my School's Cafeteria as a standby. I came to my table in the Library where I work.
I settled myself in front of my computer as always to eat my Lunch. I took a big forkful of food after mixing it because the 4 Cheeses and the Marinara Sauce is in the Middle. It was so delicious that I put my Salad away and started eating it savoring every bite . It was really delicious and very satisfying. The portion size is very big.
I hadn't finished the whole box when my students came for their Library period. So, I put it away but I had a huge smile on my face and there was a silent song on my lips that said "I just had a delicious meal and I'm not going to be hungry for a quite some time.
One by one my classes came and left and finally all the kiddoes went home and I was back at my table around 3:30 so pulled my food from the small fridge in my Library. Ate rest of it cold and it was still very delicious.
I recommended it to the Staff members of my School and later to my Husband.
Here is what I found about the product: 
1. Quantity is Good 
2. Marinara Sauce Tastes Good 
3. No Burnt edges 
4. Texture of the whole product is good. 
5. Tastes Super Fresh 
6. Marinara Sauce is not too salty 
7. The pasta (penne) is cooked just right and tastes and looks very fresh. 
8. Even the cold product was eatable it didn't dry up and become a clumpy mess and sauce was still like sauce din't become tight. 

TIP: I added a little bit of Salt Coarse Sea Salt, just a Pinch and it perked up all the different Flavors in the Marinara Sauce

  Enjoying Yummy hearty and satisfying meal

Our meal is getting cooked in the Microwave Oven. It takes exactly 3 minutes and 30 seconds in my Microwave for it to cook to a perfection.

I bought some more Boxes with my .75 cents Coupon and gave it to my Husband. He absolutely loved it and he  said, Looks like we have a winner here and no more cafeteria food for me buy me a lots of these and I'll be taking these to my work place. It will be easy on our Budget too (because his cafeteria meals are expensive).

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

                                    GREEN MOUNTAIN WELLNESS K-CUP COFFEE REVIEW

I got 3 boxes of Free Samples from BzzAgent ( because I'm a BzzAgent. This Focus Blend Coffee has L-Theanine about 50mg/8 oz cup of Coffee. Theanine is good for our focus and attention and keeps us alert. 

I got some Coupons also to share them with my friends. I shared the link on my Facebook page. Here is the link for it again.
Feel free to use this $3 Coupon Code for buying any Green Mountain Wellness Collection K-Cups. Shop at .Coupon Code:GNCBEWELL.

I have a keurig Coffee maker and we drink a lot of K-Cup Coffee and I'm extremely familiar with 
the company called Green Mountain and we drink a lot of their K-Cup Coffee but I wasn't  @ all familiar with this wellness coffee so when I got chosen I was at first very skeptical and then I went on-line to see what exactly it is ( and I read about it.

When the package arrived at my house I was very happy to see 12 K-cups and lots of coupons to share with my friends.
Since my Husband and I work outside our home so we decided to wait until the weekend
to enjoy this coffee and see how much we liked or disliked it.
We both enjoyed the coffee a lot. It is very aromatic, as soon as it finished brewing our house suddenly filled with aroma freshly brewed coffee. 

This coffee was absolutely delicious it was very aromatic and very smooth. My Husband gets very rarely pleased with his coffee because he loves a cup of very strong and good coffee and even he couldn't stop about how much he liked it.

We don't drink coffee late in the evening so we decided to drink it again first thing in the morning and today (12/02/12) we drank two cups each with our Breakfast and it tasted even better because we were prepared for its taste. It didn't have any after taste because of the addition of L-Theanine @ all. We drank our cups up to the bottom and didn't leave any coffee to pour in the drain.

Please use the coupon and give it a try if you have a Keurig coffee maker.

Tips for a good cup of K-Cup coffee:
1. Shake your K-Cup before placing it the K-Cup Holder.
2. Always use either bottled water or filtered water.
                                                      3. Descale your Keurig every three-four months by following the directions :

Friday, October 12, 2012

Brand X With Russell Brand

Event: Brand X With Russell Brand
Date and Time: Thursday , October 11th @ 11:00 PM PST FX Channel
Where: Jen Falkowski's House
Theme of the partyWe all deserve a good laugh once in a while

OriginalThanks Crowdtap for giving me this opportunity to share this experience with my friends. I wouldn't have know about this Show if Crowdtap had not given me the opportunity to enter for this House Party event. I had been discussing about the show for a long , long time with my friends. We all work for a school so we fall sick a lot so I thought of an idea to give Kleenex Hand Towels and Hand lotion making Kit. We also played Bunco
before the show so that we can have some good conversation and refresh ourselves after a tiresome day by relaxing and eating some thing very delicious. Our group is called Bunco Babes

I played this old Video online just to let my guests have a glimpse about what it is all about. We had absolutely delicious yummy foods. candies were the highlight of the evening because Halloween is just around the corner. Candy Corns, Malt Balls, Sour Patch kids, Chocolate covered Pretzels were eaten all evening along.

Delicious Pita Chips with Hummus tray went so fast that more was brought out to fill people's empty stomachs. Diet Coke and Wine was served to our guests.

This show was fun to watch with good company but after some time I felt that it was just too much of Talk about the private Parts but I know that it is liked by a lot of people at least people in the show's audience were laughing a lot and they were enjoying the show a lot.

Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser and Spray Mist

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Totally Biased by W Kamau Bell

Event: Totally Biased By W Kamau Bell party
When: 08/09/2012 Thursday between 6:30 PM and 12;00 am
where: Sandi H's House

This was the Invitation that I made

We all got together at her house at 6:30 PM to have some fun times. She had arranged for lots of Food and Drinks. We ate Sandwiches, Cheese, fruits. Kaili Bray's Husband brought some freshly picked Cherries and they were delicious, very juicy and very sweet. For quenching our thirst there was Lemonade, Iced Tea and Coke products.

Mr. K is reading all about the funny guy W Kamau Bell and wondering who is this guy. I hope the show is good . I would have loved to work but I got invited to see this show.
That's Kaili Looking at the W Kamau Bell's  poster that I printed out. We all had a blast and we played Bunco while discussing who this guy is. No one knew and every body was patiently waiting for the show.The show was a huge success everybody enjoyed a good quality laugh. They were all  discussing about the next week show already and  were wondering how would that look like.

Yummy delicious food and W Kamau bell poster. :) 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Woolite Extra Dark Care Sample Share

Event: Woolite Extra Dark Care Sample Share
When: 07/31/2012, Tuesday
Where: School Library
Theme of the party Never Torture your Jeans again

Thanks Crowdtap and Woolite for the ten free Samples of Woolite Extra dark care and a $1 off Coupon. I had fun time sharing those Samples with my guests. I invited 10 guests for my sample party. There was food and raffle drawing for Prize in my Party.

I had tied up each Packet of  Woolite Extra Dark Care with beautiful Golden Ribbon and had also tied a Wooden clothes Peg for that extra touch.

We discussed that how we used to think that Woolite Products are only for delicate clothing  and we don't use it for anything else. My Guests were surprised when I told them that Woolite is for washing Jeans, Sweaters, T-Shirts and/or any of your favorite clothing items.

All my guests had little kids so it was idealistic topic and item for them to have. 

We all agree on one thing that we should stop torturing our jeans and use Woolite Products.

We ate Cupcakes,Crackers and some Butterscotch Candies. There were some Book marks for kids to take home and also I did a win a Book raffle for the kids and a raffle drawing for the Moms to win a Beauty bag.

I did a follow up with all the Guests that went home with a Free Sample of Woolite Extra Dark Care. Seems like a lot of them loved the Product and already used the $1.00 coupon to buy a Full sized Woolite Product.

We also watched the Woolite ad on you Tube.

Thanks Crowdtap for giving me this awesome opportunity to share something with my guests  and tell them something that I learned from the discussions on the Crowdtap. I will always remember about this for many, many years to come.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

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Bath Fizzies By Martha Stewart

Monday, June 25, 2012

This would be a perfect time for me to throw a Discover card party because I have a lot of family and friends kids who are ready to go to college this Fall.

These young kiddos are ready to discover themselves and learning to live on their own away from the comforts  of their parents home.It is long road for them but I know they will all be troopers and work hard and be successful in their lives by following their dreams. College years are all about learning responsibilities to become a responsible and mature Individual.

Now will be the time to introduce them to the powerful world of Credit cards. The Pro and the Cons of the Credit Cards. We as Adults in their lives can influence a lot because we wish the best for them.


  • I'll invite all the College Bound Students that I know and of course their parents are also going to be there.

  • There will be plenty of food, non-alcoholic drinks and games for these youngsters. People who win games, trivia contest will go home with Gift Cards to the Stores from where they can buy little something for their Dorm or  their own personal care items.

  • I'll collect lots of Information and Brochures for the parents and the kids to explore. Since I work at a School so I can easily get some laptops and hold stations for people to log in and Discover the  Discover all the  possibilities of Discover Student More cards.

  • Soon to be College Students will be able to discover that by shopping using their Discover Student More cards they can earn cash back rewards.They will also earn that when cash back bonus get build up they can use this bonus to buy something that they really really want.

  • We will also discover about various options of using their Discover Student More cards e.g

 is an online shopping mall, exclusively available for the cardmembers. ShopDiscover lets card members earn 5% up to 20% Cashback Bonus by shopping at online retailers such as, Hotwire,, and much, much more. These is a whole list of it on lie @ There is no limit to the Cashback Bonus you can earn through ShopDiscover. We simply link to a retailer site through ShopDiscover at, pay with your card and get the additional Cashback Bonus.

They will also be told that they can choose from 100s of Card design to suit their liking, personality and their beliefs

Friday, June 22, 2012

My Samsung Tablet that I love so much and I bout it with the money that I earned from my doing survey on various sites and redeemin the points for an Amazon gift card.

Friday, June 15, 2012

McCormick Grillmates House Party

I had won a McCormick Grillmates house party through Crowdtap.
We did this party on 9th June 2012. We had tons of fun, my colleagues Dad cooked the meats using McCormick Grill mates spices and rubs. 

There were at least 40 couples with kids ranging from 2 years  to 15 years old they all enjoyed the food and drinks. People loved all the spices and rubs and the bourbon sauce. It was a fun party I would love do something like this in a heart beat.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

lemonhead game

Sunday, January 8, 2012