Sunday, November 24, 2013


Thanks BzzAgent and Green Mountain for my Free Samples of K Cup Coffee. I opened the Box immediately when it arrived at my house.

This Coffee is not only delicious, Bold and smooth but by buying this coffee we help  farmers earn their living. 

Here is a little fact about fair trade on BzzAgent's page:

The Fair Trade movement allows farmers to get a fair price for their Coffee beans, which leads to community development projects like new schools, improved roads, and safer drinking water.

This Coffee is a blend of three Continents namely Asia, South America and Africa.

I would definitely recommend this coffee and I'll be buying more of this K-cup coffee than any other brand.

That's me in the Picture enjoying my Morning Coffee with waffles.

Visit this website and Use  one of these Codes to save  $2 on 24 Count K-cups: FTBZZ-MM3G995, FTBZZ-MM3G9M0, FTBZZ-MM42RK9, FTBZZ-MM47795, FTBZZ-MM4LY0D

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Truvia Sweetner testing for Crowdtap

I have  been using Artificial Sweetener for a long , long time. But I always had a metallic taste in my Mouth. So, when I got a chance to apply for Truvia Sample and Share from Crowdtap (www. I applied quickly and I got in.

My Sample arrived very late but it did finally arrive for me to complete my report.

My friend at my workplace had shown me a packet that she was using at my workplace. But at that time I didn't pay much attention. But she told me that it is very natural and it comes from a plant named Stevia. It is also know as Sugar Leaf and grows in Zone 9 . It also grows indoors or in a Greenhouse.

The Guaran√≠ people of Paraguay, Bolivia & Brazil have been using stevia, which they called ka'a he'√™ ("sweet herb"), to sweeten  yerba mate ( a kind of beverage) and medicinal teas for treating heartburn and other such ailments. People who are suffering from obesity and hypertension might benefit from this. Stevia has a very little or no effect  on blood sugar  it might be a good  natural sweetener for diabetics and people who are avoiding carbohydrates.
 Here is a  Picture of a Stevia Plant.

My Husband drink moderate amounts of Coffee and we like to use sweeteners only and no real Sugar for us. So,Truvia is definitely for us. We finally found a sweetener that doesn't give out a metallic taste and tastes like sugar.

I like the Companies sustainable programs to help families in Bolivia. I'm totally sold on Truvia.

Looking for Truvia Coupons? It is easy if you have a coupon friendly Printer got www. and print Truvia Coupons for .75 c off any Truvia Product.