Friday, July 26, 2013

Renuzit Adjustable cones testing for Purex Insiders

I'm a Purex Insider  and I have reviewed Purex Fabric Sheets for them and now I can't wait to try Renuzit cones. I hope that I get chosen. I use them at home and at the Library where I work. It's an old Library and kind of gets very musty if it is closed for a long time. Renuzit cones are affordable and keeps my Library smelling good and fresh. .

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield Mouthwash

I got a surprise package from Influenster couple days ago in my Mailbox. On my way home from the mailbox I'm wondering what did I  receive from them to try. You see that I'm an Influenster on their website I had  gotten an awesome opportunity to test their Voxbox (this box came with lots of goodies like a hairbrush, a set of Kiss nail dress and lots of other goodies). So, I knew who exactly sent me this box. I shook it a little bit and it felt like a bottle or something. Now I got very curious and couldn't wait to open it. That was the first mail I opened and inside there was a Full Size (8.4 Fl oz.) Bottle  of Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield Mouthwash.

I was very happy to receive my second sample Box from Influenster. Thank you Influesnter for choosing me to try this Mouthwash. This Mouthwash comes in three flavors:
1. Peppermint Blast
2. Spearmint Surge
3. Wintermint Rush

I have written the flavors in color because these Mouthwashes do come in these awesome colors. I got the Blue one (Peppermint Blast) to try. I immediately brushed my teeth and did couple swishes the Mouthwash. I didn't feel any burn on my tongue, gums and insides of my cheeks. My Mouth suddenly felt fresh and my teeth felt squeaky clean.  Now my mouth feels and stays fresh for a long time. What's even better is that knowing that this Mouthwash is going to protect my teeth for 12 hours and liklls 99% germs. It is Alcohol free.I'm definitely going to buy this Mouthwash for a long time I would suggest you, my friends and family (who ever is reading my blog)to use this . Try it yourself to believe it.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fried Chicken At Kroger Review for BzzAgent

I don't actually have Kroger near my house but OFC and Fred Meyer's are our go to places for Kroger Family Stores. My Son lives in Michigan and he shops at Kroger all the time. The proximity of these stores near my house is the best thing.

We had never tasted before we got to do the taste testing on BzzAgent. Thanks to BzzAgent we got a coupon for a 8 Pieces Deli Fried  Chicken, a Coke product and a free bag of Kettle style Chips.

One fine mid morning my Son and I went to QFC to pick up Fried  Chicken but to our disappointment they just had 5 Pieces of fried Chicken and they offered to  give us three pieces of roasted Chicken. We didn't know what to do but we took it.

Then we picked up a bottle of Diet Coke. They had all kinds of Kroger Brand Chips but again no Kettle Style Chips.We cam home and settle down to eat. The  Kroger  Brand Deli Fried Chicken  were delicious. The meat was tender, Juicy and Succulent. They were not salty. the out layer was crisp.

My only concern was the Fried Chicken was too oily. They could have been a little less oily.

Finally I found the Kroger Brand Kettle chips at Fred Meyer's. So we ate all these on separate occasions. The Chips were delicious. They didn't feel so oily like other brand name kettle chips. They were very light, Crisp and very even in color.

Over everything was delicious and we will bey buying these items over and over again.