Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies loaded with Pecans

I love baking, especially Cookies. My family loves Cookies all kinds of Cookies but their favorite one is still the good old Chocolate chip Cookies with lots of Pecans. I learned couple good tricks with trial and error and it works every single time.
1. Always use room temperature ingredients.
2. If the recipe asks for large eggs then use large eggs only, not the Jumbo kind or anything else.
3. Use freshest baking Soda. I put the date on the box so that I know I have to replace it soon.
4. Gently mix dry ingredients(Flour, salt and baking soda) rather than beating.
5. Cool the baking tray and Wipe it(to clean the crumbs and butter from the previous batch of cookies) before placing the next batch of cookie dough.

Happy baking!!

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