Friday, October 12, 2012

Brand X With Russell Brand

Event: Brand X With Russell Brand
Date and Time: Thursday , October 11th @ 11:00 PM PST FX Channel
Where: Jen Falkowski's House
Theme of the partyWe all deserve a good laugh once in a while

OriginalThanks Crowdtap for giving me this opportunity to share this experience with my friends. I wouldn't have know about this Show if Crowdtap had not given me the opportunity to enter for this House Party event. I had been discussing about the show for a long , long time with my friends. We all work for a school so we fall sick a lot so I thought of an idea to give Kleenex Hand Towels and Hand lotion making Kit. We also played Bunco
before the show so that we can have some good conversation and refresh ourselves after a tiresome day by relaxing and eating some thing very delicious. Our group is called Bunco Babes

I played this old Video online just to let my guests have a glimpse about what it is all about. We had absolutely delicious yummy foods. candies were the highlight of the evening because Halloween is just around the corner. Candy Corns, Malt Balls, Sour Patch kids, Chocolate covered Pretzels were eaten all evening along.

Delicious Pita Chips with Hummus tray went so fast that more was brought out to fill people's empty stomachs. Diet Coke and Wine was served to our guests.

This show was fun to watch with good company but after some time I felt that it was just too much of Talk about the private Parts but I know that it is liked by a lot of people at least people in the show's audience were laughing a lot and they were enjoying the show a lot.

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