Monday, August 5, 2013

Purex Fabric Softener Sheets Review

Purex Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets Review

New improved formula with 3X the fragrance!

I was sent a Free Box of 40 Sheets of  Purex Fabric Softener Sheets by Purex Insiders ( to review. I had never used this product before though I have been using Purex products for quite sometime. I was sent the Mountain Breeze Scented ones with Some Free Product Coupons.
The moment I opened the box I could smell it and it smelled good. I like strong smelling Products for my laundry and this one was totally awesome. When my Son and Husband came home they kept asking where was that awesome smell coming from. So I showed them my Box. My Son wanted to buy one immediately to take it with him to his College but we couldn't find it in our area.

Cautionary Note: I love Strong Scents and so does my family but if you have sensitivity to strong smells then be cautious. I absolutely loved it.

I would love to try the Sweet Lavender if  I can find this Product but unfortunately it is not available in our area I tried to see if Walmart could deliver it to my house but I found out that this item is not available for shipping from Since I couldn't buy it so I'm not sure about the Price but the free product Coupon tells me that they are priced at $1.75 for a Biox of 40 sheets. That is an awesome price.

These Fabric sheets are pretty thick  which means that just one sheet is enough for a big load.
I not only used these Fabric Softener sheets in my laundry but also tuck them under the mattress, Under the Sofa Cushion, and also in my Car.

Like Purex on their facebook page ( to enter in Giveaways, get coupons and get the Purex news on new products.  
I rubbed it on my Chair it not only made the chair smell good and freshened it up but also caught some hair.

I did  my Coupon giveaways to my Parent Volunteers. They do everything to help me to be to able teach my Students effectively. So I drew their names out of the hat and gave the free Purex Fabric Sheets Coupons for them to try it.

Congrats Jill and Mrs. Tapia !! thanlks for all you do for our Students and our Staff.

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