Saturday, November 2, 2013

Truvia Sweetner testing for Crowdtap

I have  been using Artificial Sweetener for a long , long time. But I always had a metallic taste in my Mouth. So, when I got a chance to apply for Truvia Sample and Share from Crowdtap (www. I applied quickly and I got in.

My Sample arrived very late but it did finally arrive for me to complete my report.

My friend at my workplace had shown me a packet that she was using at my workplace. But at that time I didn't pay much attention. But she told me that it is very natural and it comes from a plant named Stevia. It is also know as Sugar Leaf and grows in Zone 9 . It also grows indoors or in a Greenhouse.

The Guaraní people of Paraguay, Bolivia & Brazil have been using stevia, which they called ka'a he'ê ("sweet herb"), to sweeten  yerba mate ( a kind of beverage) and medicinal teas for treating heartburn and other such ailments. People who are suffering from obesity and hypertension might benefit from this. Stevia has a very little or no effect  on blood sugar  it might be a good  natural sweetener for diabetics and people who are avoiding carbohydrates.
 Here is a  Picture of a Stevia Plant.

My Husband drink moderate amounts of Coffee and we like to use sweeteners only and no real Sugar for us. So,Truvia is definitely for us. We finally found a sweetener that doesn't give out a metallic taste and tastes like sugar.

I like the Companies sustainable programs to help families in Bolivia. I'm totally sold on Truvia.

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