Friday, February 28, 2014

New Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash for Purex Insiders

I'm a Purex Insider and I got an awesome opportunity to review this Vitamin Boost Dial Body Wash. I was so excited when I saw the box sitting on my door step. At first I didn't know what it was and then I turned the box the other way around and saw that it was this product.

That's a full size body wash in my mail and I also got some free body wash coupons to share.

I work at a school so I share my coupons among my colleagues so that way I can promote the products to my co-workers and I can also follow up  on how much they liked or disliked the product.

So here the coupons that I shared.

I used the Product myself and I found that it smelled very good. I'm a skeptic  so when I hear something Vitamin infused or something added then I feel that it might not be smelling well but this one smelled like Kiwis and I love the green color so this really looked good to me and now I had to use it to see how the Product was. I loved the way it lathered so well. I love to work a lot of lather when I 'm in shower so I totally loved the product.

I would recommend this product to any one that is looking for a Body wash that smells good and is soft and gentle on the skin.

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