Sunday, April 6, 2014

Viva Vantage Paper Towel Review

I was pretty happy when Crowdtap sent me 4 Samples of Viva Vantage V-Flex Weave  Paper Towelwith Scrubbing Power. I was always looking for a stronger Paper that would scrub the dirt, grease out of Kitchen surfaces. May be this was an answer for it so I had to put it to the test. I loved how the paper towel stretched and didn't rip. Secondly I loved the size of each piece of paper towel.

 This piece of Paper towel is all I needed to clean up an average sized mess. For bigger sized mess I used two. They didn't tear all the time I was cleaning.It is a pretty thick Paper Towel to soak up a lot of mess.

I think that I'll be using this Paper Towel for quite some time. So far it has done what I wanted it to do.

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