Sunday, September 28, 2014

eSalon Hair Color Review

I have been  a BzzAgent for a long time and as a BzzAgent I get to test free Products and I absolutely enjoy testing my free  Products.It helps me spread the word to my friends and family members about what is good and what is not and helps me determine if I want to buy a particular product or not.

So, when I got to test eSalon Hair Color I was very happy because I had never used their products and secondly I color my hair at home and very rarely at a Salon so I'm always looking for awesome hair coloring products .The best thing that I found about eSalon is that we can customize our hair color and order it on-line after submitting a short survey and the kit is delivered to our door with all items that we need in a box.

The Kit that I got was way cheaper then what I would have paid after  going to a  Salon and getting my hair colored and I also liked the fact we can color our hair anytime in the comforts of our home.

Visit and submit a short survey to start the process of ordering I ordered soft black but since this was my first time ordering it so I entered in my survey that I wanted a semi permanent hair Color but very soon I got an e-mail from their professional Hair Colorists suggesting that I change my order to permanent color  instead of semi permanent since I want to cover my hair with color more than just the root touch up.  Look at this chart to see endless possibilities of hair color to suit every person's need.

Endless Color Possibilities Swatches

My Kit arrived at my door very shortly after ordering however I did get an e-mail from them saying that my order is getting delayed because of the number of people that are ordering . I was very surprised that it didn't take them too long to get my order ready. So, I would say that they have excellent customer services  When I opened the kit I was extremely surprised to see that it had everything in it including the Color Guard for the hair line. I even started looking for the Gloves thinking that they don't have any Gloves in the Kit but Voila a pair of non latex Gloves(I'm allergic to Latex so this was a blessing for me) were also in the kit.

I have been  putting some  body or face lotion (which ever is available) on my hair line to protect my skin from getting hair color but I was always disappointed that the  lotion always got in to my hair and those hair strands would not get any hair color . But the color guard that I got in my eSalon hair color kit  was of a thicker consistency may be in the consistency of Vaseline so it didn't spread beyond the area that I wanted it to be applied.

After mixing two coloring agents in a bottle I got a strong whiff of   smell of Ammonia that was  over powering  for me but then I realized that it could be because I have always used semi permanent hair color so I wasn't used to this  type of smell. But the smell faded away after some time.There was a small timer in the kit with a Triple A battery (normally any battery operated items that we buy always says that battery not included so this was very touching moment for me).We can customize our kit and add as many accessories that we want or may be as less as we want. But as a Bzzagent testing this Product  my personal kit was free and I could order anything from their on-line store and spend  up to $65 . I could put a lot of extra items in it.

Look  at all the things in my Kit, that The Red Bottle in the Kit is  color safe shampoo and root touch up (it is sitting on the far left hand corner)  for later use when needed. I was very pleased with my kit.The end results were also far better then I had imagined. After washing my hair with the Shampoo that I purchased in my kit , it doesn't smell like hair color or ammonia like any more.

There are three easy steps in getting your custom hair color:
1. Complete our survey and get matched with an eSalon colorist.
2. Your colorist analyzes your answers and creates the perfect formula to reach your desired color
3. Your eSalon application conveniently arrives at your door, ready to work its magic

Here is a review that I found on Good Housekeeping blog.

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