Saturday, March 21, 2015

Quaker quick 3 minute Steel Cut Oatmeal Review for BzzAgent

Thanks Quaker Oatmeal and BzzAgent for my free Full sized box of new Quaker quick 3 minute Steel Cut Oatmeal.Thanks for sending me my favorite flavor of Cranberries and Blueberries.

We wanted  to try it right away as soon as we got but we still had to  wait for the weekend because we eat Oatmeal on every weekend with out fail. My Husband makes it for us in our Household.We had never eaten steel cut oatmeal before so we didn't quiet know what to expect.We had always eaten the Instant oatmeal.

It said on the box to cook it for 3 minutes but it took somewhere between 41/2- 5 minutes. But I guess that it could be because different microwaves perform differently, But with trial and error finally we came upon a way to cook that is well liked by our family.

Then my husband totally forgot that this is not our Original Instant oatmeal where we add our own sweetening agent so he put sugar as was his practice.That just made it too sweet and I was unable to do a taste test. Next time when he made I reminded him that this already has fruits in it and is already sweetened.

After all that I was finally ready for actually taste test the product. I found the product to be very hearty , with a delicious bite to it that I love a lot. It had a hearty, nutty taste.The oatmeal was very satisfying and very filling. I was full by the time I was done and then I got on to do my work,I didn't feel hungry at all until I was ready to eat my Lunch.

This is something that my family and I will be eating for a long long time. But I wish that there were more options/flavors available to choose from.I would definitely recommend this oatmeal to others.

Some Pictures of our delicious and healthy weekend breakfast

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