Friday, January 4, 2013

Zicam Rapid Melts Review

I'll never let the Cold Monster catch me, my family or my Friends. Because I've found this Medicine called Zicam.

Zicam is clinically proven to shorten a cold if taken with in 24 hours of the first sign of Cold.

What is that first sign of Cold? First sign of cold is:
1. The First Sniffle
2. The First Sneeze
3. The First Throat tickle, that burning sensation in the throat

I got 6 free Full Size Sample Boxes from a Survey  company called THE CROWDTAP, check them out at Thanks Crowdtap for my Full sized Sample boxes for me and 5 of my Frinds

Here is what arrived in my mailbox. I was very happy because I work at an elementary School and we get hit by the Cold again and again. So I was glad that finally I got something that would help me. I got Cherry Flavored Full Sized Zicam Sample Boxes.

I was very happy to get the Cherry Flavored Zicam because one of my Dear Friend/Co-Worker has a condition where she gets Cold more than other people.She tried the Honey Flavored one or something like that but she was saying that she didn't like that flavor but other than that this medicine works on her. So I gave her a Box of my Cherry Flavored Sample and she tried it now she absolutely loves it.

So I did my Sample share at my School's Library when we had a Christmas Breakfast party.Then I asked people to put their names for drawing. After the Party I picked the names and then these Samples were given to them.

Next day , after out party I started feeling a sore throat coming in. I immediately took the delicious Cherry flavored Zicam Rapid Melts.

These dissolved easily in my mouth and after couple doses I started getting better so these prevented from my Cold to become full blown and shortened it like magic.

Now my Husband was complaining of his sore throat so I gave him some from my Box. He is already seeing some positive results.

So what is Zicam?I would like to give some info on it that I know.

Zicam comes in many Varieties but I'll talk about the Rapid Melts because that's what I tested.

These rapid Melts come in Three Flavors Citrus, Cherry, Lemon-Lime Echinacea. I tried the yummy Cherry.

  • Shortens the length of a cold when taken at the first sign of a cold 
  • Quickly dissolving tablets
  • Non-drowsy, non-habit forming
  • Homeopathic

Drug Facts
Product Name
There are 25 Wafer like Tablets in each Box. Here are the Drug Facts

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