Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cafe Escapes K-Cup Review for BzzAgent

Thanks BzzAgent and Cafe Escapes for giving me this wonderful opportunity to try Cafe Escapes K-cup Beverages. When I heard about this beverages being sold in the Market I immediately wanted to try them but then I found out that from where I normally buy my K-Cups had sold out all the Caramel flavors. I was very disappointed.
Then one day I got an e-mail from because I'm a BzzAgent ( asking me to apply for this opportunity. I had to do a very easy prequalifying survey to see if I was eligible or not. I immediately was told that my samples are on the way. I was very ecstatic.

One fine day I got a Box in my mailbox with a familiar Honey Bee on it, I knew right away what it was. I ran inside my house to see what flavors did I get and I was very happy to see that I had gotten couple Caramel K-cups from Cafe Escapes that I really,really wanted to try.

I washed my hands and immediately started my Keurig Brewer and slipped one caramel flavored K-cup in the K-cup holder.Within seconds my Beverage was ready and was filling my Kitchen with delicious and enticing Aroma of Caramel.


It is very hard for me to take a Picture of myself with my Mobile Phone and smile. My Beverage was very delicious. I shared some of it with my Husband too and he absolutely loved it.

It was very sophisticated , delicious  very aromatic and very creamy but slightly on the sweeter side and I would loved it to be a little less sweet. may be they will soon come with a lite version for people who do not have a very sweet tooth. Yummy!!!!!!

I drank two cups of caramel Flavored Cafe Escapes right away. I couldn't wait for another day to drink another cup.

But overall a great drink and I highly recommend it especially if you are not much of a coffee drinker then it is just the ideal drink on a cold winter days.  

 I loved the caramel Flavor so much so next it was my turn to try out     the vanilla Flavor. This flavor was delicious but Caramel one is still my favorite and I am already thinking of buying some as soon as possible.
 I got the $2 off Coupons that I'm going to use please let me know if you also want to try them and want to use some coupons. 

That's me enjoying my Caramel Escapes Beverage with a good Book. It was fun and very comforting to be able to do that on a very cold winter evening when i wasn't working and I  had already finished cooking.


Here is hot cup of Vanilla Flavored Cafe Escapes waiting for me to drink it. I better hurry and stock up on Caramel and vanilla Cafe Escapes K-cups because I have a Bunco party coming up soon and I want my friends to try these too because they also have a keurig brewing machine in their house.

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