Sunday, April 14, 2013

Woolite Sample and Share for Crowdtap

Event: Woolite Sample and Share Party/ Clothes Swapping
Where: My House
When 4th April, Thursday
Time:6:30 PM-

I had applied for Woolite Sample and Share with Crowdtap. One fine day I got an e-mail saying that I had been chosen to participate in this. The day arrived when my package was delivered to my doorstep. I opened it and found inside there were 10 Sample packs of Woolite with a Coupon inside. There was also a Gift Card for buying things needed for the party.

PREPARATION FOR THE PARTY: I had planned on inviting 10 guests but I ended up having 12 but that was okay because the idea behind the Party was to enjoy it and then distribute the Samples to the guests,

I bought some Lindor Truffles and Stapled them to the sample along with a Message. They all looked Cute with a make over.

 Here is a Gift Basket that I put together .This for a Door Prize. We decided to do a young Boys' Clothes swapping since all my friends/Guests are of different heights, sizes and different age groups. We had people from mid Thirties to seventies. That's a huge age difference. But all of them had boys or grandsons' of the same age group  so we decided to do that.

FOOD and Drinks: Food is very important at any party. I had arranged for Soup* and salad Dinner. Fresh Strawberries, Bread and Butter, Pita Chips with Hummus and Salsa was also served. Coffee, tea, Soda , fresh ice cold water was to quench the thirst.

The Desserts were home baked Peanut Butter Blossoms and Warm freshly baked Brownies.

After Dinner we washed some clothes using Woolite that I had in my house.  and my Guests couldn't believe it how the clothes cam out smelling so good and they 
looked so shiny and clean.

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