Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tip-Off with Kia and CrowdTap Party

When: June 4th  Tuesday 4:00-5:00
Where: THPRD Park, Beaverton OR

Light Dinner and snack were  served.

I invited some Children and their parents, so that the kids could play the Basket ball game and the parents could talk about the car. I had set up the Hoop on the Doors of their Gym. The hoop was very small for the kids to make a basket but they were young kids so had plenty of laughter and giggles.

FOOD: Costco Croissant sandwiches with Dipping Sauces. Twizzler Candy, Bottled Water, Chex Mix.

Door Prizes: $20 gift Card. Annette Rice won the Gift card in the drawing.

KIA  OPTIMA 2013 : It is a Midsized Sedan Priced around or may be little bit more than  $21,000. We looked at the different Colors on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. people loved the Colors that they come in. A lot of them Loved the Burgundy Color and some were in to the blue and the red Color. Black was also a popular color among this group.

We discussed the safety of the car since people with younger kids are first concerned with their kids safety first. We looked at the airbags.

We looked at the Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH).

It's gas Mileage 24/35 was the concern for many. 35/40 would have been a good  gas Mileage specs to look at.

Smart Key and Push Button Start was well received by all.

Overall it is a Good car and people liked it a lot.

Thanks KIA and Crowdtap for this wonderful opportunity to enjoy a party with my friends to talk about things that we love. 

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