Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fiber One Protein Cereal

I'm a BzzAgent and I got to taste the Fiber One Protein Cereal for free from BzzAgent. Thanks BzzAgent and General Mills for my Free Full sized two Sample boxes in 2 different Flavors (Cranberry and Almonds and Maple Brown Sugar).

I didn't realize that there will taste so good. My Husband was very skeptical thinking that sometimes healthy down't taste so good. But not in this case. Both  the flavors were delicious but I personally love Cranberries a lot so I loved that flavor and the maple Brown Sugar also turned out to be very delicious.

I couldn't taste Almonds so much in the first flavor but the maple Brown Sugar had real pieces of Pecans and I could taste them.

These Cereals are not only delicious but also  nutritious. They are high in Protein and with 1/4 cup milk (I use 1%  fat content  Milk). One Bowl of Cereal gives me 10 Grams Protein when milk is added to it. A vegetarian person like me really needs something that gives them high Protein.

I love foods that have high Monounsaturated fat contents and in this case there is 3 Grams in every serving so that's good. In this day and age where we are extra cautious about what we are eating mosty of us  are aiming towards eating food that high in Fibers. 6 grams Fibers is a pretty good to way start our morning.

I'll definitely recommend this cereal to any one that asks my opinion.

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