Friday, March 21, 2014

New Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap Review for Purex Insider

I love using nice smelling Hand Soap so when I found out that I got picked to test these two full sized samples of Dial deep hand Cleansing  Hand Soap , I was very happy.

I'm a germophobic and on top of that I work at an Elementary School. I need to have my hands clean all the time because I don't want to fall sick and make my students suffer because I'm on leave.

(I got Coconut Lime Verbena and Yellow Raspberry and Black Sugar Scents)

But at the same time I worry that skin of my hands will become very rough after using a liquid hand soap all the time.

When the package arrived at my door step I was very eager to put the hand soap to test. I didn't know that I was chosen and above all I didn't know that  I'm getting two bottles of full sized samples. The icing on the cake was 5 coupons to share with  friends and family members.

I used both the Scents and was very pleased that they really smelled. I loved the Micro Scrubber Beads in it, they exfoliate the skin and take the dirt and dead cells off the skin keeping it smooth and fresh and clean. I like hand soaps or any kinds of soap with lots of lather and this one did give me lots of lather just the way I like it.

These two hand soaps smelled super awesome and had refreshing smell.

I shared my coupons with my fellow co-workers who also fear for the germs getting transmitted from one person to another.

I'll definitely be buying these in future and will definitely recommend it to any that asks me about them.

I gave one coupon to my Facebook acquaintance, she didn't wish to be photographed. She lives in Arkansas and I hope that she enjoyed her coupon and got this awesome hand soap to try. I bet that she loved it too .

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