Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cottonelle Wipes Review

I got to try Cottonelle Moist Wet Wipes from www. I'm a Crowdtapper and I get free products to test.

My Husband and I like a clean feeling every time we visit restroom so we had been using baby wipes for a long time but we also found out that it is gross and very unhygienic when they are sitting in trash bins until the trash is tossed in the big trash bin. No more baby wipes these are ideal for babies as well as grown-ups.

When I got accepted for this review I felt that this was the solution to my problems. Now I have no more used wet baby wipes in the trash bins. These are flushable and safe for sewer and septic tanks systems. The Cottonelle Moist Wet Wipes are Alcohol free and gives us a fresh and clean feeling between our showers. They are strong and do not tear or rip while using.

They come is variety of dispensers and then packs can be purchased to fill the dispenser. Even travel packs are available that I toss in my hand bag and take it to work or while I'm on vacation. These travel packs are available at Walmart for a buck each.

I shared my sample travel packs with my colleagues for them to try and they fell in love with the product as much as I did. These wipes are not only for using after the bathroom use but we can also clean our hands and face with it. I even clean spills if these are handy and with in my easy reach and most of the times they are.

Since they are flushable I see that my guests/ visitors use them because they don't feel embarrassed by leaving the used wipes in my trash bin.

Disclaimer: All the opinions in this review are my own and based upon my personal and my friends' opinion. I was not compensated in any way besides getting free test products and sample products to share.

Here is a Cherry Healey's fun ad of Cottonelle wet wipes and bath tissues:

Here is a link to their website:

Why do I like them :

  • 1. They are Flushable hence they are hygienic 
  • 2. They disintegrate after flushing and nothing is left behind floating in the toilet bowl
  • 3. They are Sewer  and septic-safe, my husband would not allow me to use it if it was not safe.
  • 4. They are Alcohol-free, a must have for me  in the products that I use 
  • 5. One Touch dispensing tub that looks great in the Bathroom and refills are available to fill it up when needed.
  • 6. They are versatile and are ideal for cleaning hands, face and even surfaces.
  • 7. One wipe type ideal for the whole family because they are unscented and not every body can tolerate and not every body likes scented products.

I love them but one thing I would love to change is it's size and I wish that were slightly bigger is size.

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