Monday, January 26, 2015

Purex Power Shot Review and Giveaway

I got a free full sized bottle of Mountain Breeze New Purex Power Shot Detergent to try, This product also comes in Natural Elements fragrance Linen and Lilies.Purex Power shot automatically dispenses the right amount of super Concentrated detergent.

It is very easy to use Just open the Bottle cap flip the bottle upside down to deliver one dose of super concentrated detergent.The power shot engine automatically refills and is ready for the next dose. My clothes came out super clean and smelling really fresh and nice.

Use 1 flip for regular load and 2 flips for large or extra dirty loads.

Disclaimer: Free full sized Bottle of Purex Powershot was sent to me to test and give my reviews and do a giveaway. Other than that I wasn't compensated in any other way.

giveaway will start on 1/27/2015  @ 12:00 am and you have until 2/3/2015 to enter.

Leave a Blog post comment..This activity is mandatory. Also you must join my site to gain a chance to winning a free product coupon. The product will be available at Walmart in February. Winners will be notified via facebook. There will be two lucky winners and each winner will receive a  $6 face value coupon. added Bonus is each winner will also receive a $1.50 off coupon to buy any fragrance of  powershot laundry detergent.  The expiration date of these coupons  is 12/31/2015


Deanna Bradley said...

Cant wait Love Purex!

Deanna Bradley said...

Im up for any scent.I love to try new things! Thanks for the shot!!

Miranda said...

I would be interested in trying the fragrance free/dye free if that is available in this brand. Kids with eczema mean no dyes or fragrances that often. If I choose a fragrance it's usually a fruity one :)

mletso11 said...

I am a huge fan of Purex and have not tried a product or scent that I didn't like! I do like the Natural Elements, so the Linen and Lilies would be my first choice!

S Eix said...

I am looking forward to trying a new scent and type of washing detergent. I have never heard of Purex "Power Shot". From the pictures it looks pretty easy to use. I would give trying this a "Shot" if given the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me!

pgillesp1 said...

I am interested in trying Mountain Breeze scent, thanks