Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Listerine UltraClean Floss review for Crowdtap


I got a free full sized Sample of Listerine UltraClean Floss to try for free from Crowdtap. The Reach Floss got re-branded as Listerine Floss. Since I was a reach floss user for a long time so I got super excited to know that I got accepted in this mission.

I absolutely loved using it. I like that it is wider than reach so it covers more surface between the teeth. But it is thin enough to reach even tighter spaces between the teeth. My Husband's teeth are tightly formed with no gap between them and he has a difficulty using a floss but he had no problem using this one.

Each pack has 30 yards  of floss. The floss is from brand name Listerine but it doesn't contain Listerine Mouthwash. I got to try the mint flavored one and I liked it a lot.

The floss not only cleaned between my teeth to my full satisfaction but it also left a pleasant taste in my mouth that stayed for a long time.

I found these at my QFC store near my house. They had a $1 off coupon on them.

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