Thursday, August 3, 2017

Arm and Hammer baking Soda Review for Simple Solution


Being a member of Simple Solutions for Arm and Hammer Baking Soda, I get pretty cool samples like full sized box (1Lb) of Arm and Hammer baking Soda  and shaker bottles for free.

I love this baking Soda because I trust the company and I know that their baking Soda is genuine and pure.I wouldn't buy any other baking in my life besides Arm and hammer. This baking soda is not only good for baking but it also has many other uses like it works as a safe household cleaner without any harmful chemicals.

I use it in my garden too I sprinkle it under my tomato plant to get sweet tomatoes.It lowers the acidity of if your plant love low acidity and your soil has high acidity then try this trick just sprinkle it at the bottom of the plant little bit farther away from the roots and the plant itself.

I also sprinkle some on my patio (concrete) to ward off the weeds.

I use it practically to clean all the surfaces in the bathroom and sprinkle some in the toilet bowl and let it froth for some time before brushing it and flushing it.

The shaker bottles are great and very useful I don't have problems with spillage and the carton getting wet in the bathroom and spoiling the baking soda.I pour the baking soda in this shaker bottle with two spouts one for sprinkling and another one for pouring and use the spouts depending up on my need.

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