Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Organic Products Review for Kroger Stores.

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I shop at Fred Meyers a lot and I love how all the Fred Meyers in my area have a designated Aisles for their Organic Products. I'm a regular visitors to those Aisles. But this time Kroger stores made the whole experience even more fun.

They had sent me tons of free organic products to try and in my Mailbox the coupons came with a Can of Bush's Organic Black beans, a bag of Simply Organic Tostitos Sea salt flavored Tortilla Scoops. small bags of Garden of eatin chips.

Armed with my coupons I went to Fred meyers not knowing if I'll find all the items or not to buy with my free product coupons.Some of the items I was able to locate on my own and then there were some items that I needed help from the store associates to find them.

I finally got all the items and I came home with lots of Organic Products.

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