Monday, July 31, 2017

Arm and Hammer Review for Simple Solutions

                                              Bakingsoda product 208x208

I'm a member of Simple Solutions by Arm and Hammer and as a member I get to try their Baking Soda and this time they had sent me a Baking Soda Shaker for free. The Shaker is very convenient to use it has two spouts one is for pouring and the other one is for sprinkling.So, we don't have the fear of spilling a generous amount even if we didn't want to pour our that much.

Depending up on where I want to use it I can open the lid and sprinkle or pour.Now my Baking Soda is very safe and I don't have to worry about the carton being left near water and the box getting soggy.Since it has Arm and hammer Logo on the shaker bottle so I don't have put a label or do the guessing game about what is inside the container.

Arm and Hammer Baking Soda is very versatile it is used inside and outside the house.It is not limited to baking and cooking but it is used in the garden.I sprinkle it around the plants that needs lower acidity in the soil.I sprinkle it around the Tomato Plant to get sweeter tasting tomatoes. I also sprinkle it on my concrete Patio to avoid the growth of weeds.

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