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                      I'm a BzzAgent and as a BzzAgent I get to enjoy free Products  to try from leading Companies and give my honest opinions.

                     So,this time I got to try Secret Outlast Completely Clean Clear Gel. I had been a solid deodorant user my entire life and I had never tried the Gel type Deodorant so obviously I was excited, skeptical and lots of others emotions were going through my mind. One fine day my free full sized product came to my house.It was a 2.7 oz container and not a travel size container.I was very happy.

I opened the lid to take a first whiff and I liked the fresh , clean scent that was little bit leaning towards sports deodorant type of smells.Since I didn't realize what scent I was going to get until it came to my door so I was very surprised how much I loved the scent.I would definitely try to use their Powder Protection scent.

My concern with Solid type of Deodorants were that they would dry up and the whole stick would fall apart. This problem will definitely get solved  and I loved the scent so that's a good thing. I sweat a lot but not excessively so this product is perfect for me.However at my School I have my own control and heating and cooling system(In fact the whole building and all the rooms are centrally controlled by the district except my room.

I crank up the heat when kids are not in my room because I'm the only one in the Library but when students come to me it gets very warm quickly and it gets sweaty that's when the problems of odor comes to me. I carry a travel size deodorant in my purse all the time so that I can quickly go to the restroom and apply it again.

When I tried this product I refrained myself from re-applying the deodorant because I wanted to check how long does the scent and the effect of freshness from Secret Outlast Gel, last.

I didn't do the 48 hours test but it did pass the 8 hour test for me and when I was heading home I was still feeling fresh and the deodorant smell was there ,it was faint but it was there. I also tried it with a black shirt on and my guess was that there will be a wet sticky spot there but guess what the product dries up really fast.

Here are some of the facts about this product that I learned and would love to share it with you:
1. It spreads easily and evenly not leaving blobs behind.
2. It has fast drying ingredients for the product to dry out fast after application and not having to wait for it to dry and we don't end up having a wet patch on our clothes.
3. Its water based formula helps the active ingredients in it, to enter sweat glands faster than other products.
4. No white marks of course as I said earlier.
5. 48 hour protection because the PH of Secret Outlast Gel minimizes the odor causing bacteria to form.
 I was at Macy's  departmental Store yesterday , shopping. I wanted to buy something to wear for the Christmas. They had some shirts really marked down to $11.00 so I started searching a good looking shirt that was in my size.They had some black and some green ones there. I didn't like the green color's T shirts' shade. I love wearing Back but because of the fear for ugly white marks I used to limit myself from buying black colored clothes.

Suddenly I had a song on lips and I guess that I gave a thumbs up to myself because now I had a deodorant that would eliminate my problem of white marks. So I'm going to have a fun time wearing it with any embarrassment or  with out having to refrain myself from holding my arms up. 

This is the Picture of my beautiful Black T-shirt.

Give it  a try and I bet that you will love it as much as I do.

Here is a link to $1 off Coupon that can be printed from the computer:

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