Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Listerine Healthy White Mouth Rinse Review for Crowdtap


I'm a long time member of a website called Crowdtap and I get from time to time some awesome name brand products to try.This time I got a full sized bottle of Listerine healthy White Mouth Rinse.I had been a long time user of Listerine products but I had never used this Product before.

I was very excited when I got it in ,my mail and I opened the box to see that it was a good sized bottle to last me for a long time. I had to open the bottle and smell it first.The smell wasn't very strong but wasn't much either. I had to put it to try so I immediately poured out some and swooshed in my mouth.

I didn't feel any burning sensation or anything like that. Normally some mouth washes are very harsh for me and give me blisters after using. I didn't have nay such problem with this. It kept my mouth fresh for a long time after using it. Which means that it kills the Oder causing  bacteria effectively in the mouth.

I would recommend this product to others and now I'm encouraging my husband  also to try it.

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