Saturday, July 29, 2017

Delicious Salsa and Crispy Tortilla Chips review

Tostitos product 208x208

I'm a proud member of MyMagazine Sharing Network ( For Kroger and it's family stores).I get lots of products to try for free and share my opinions.

This time as you can see in the picture above I got to try a bag of Simply Organic Tostitos Scoops! Tortilla Chips - 8 oz. and Tostitos Splash of Lime Flavored Chunky Salsa for free.They had sent me the bag in my mail and I got a coupon to buy the Salsa totally for free from any  of the Kroger stores.

The Tortilla Chips are in the shape of scoops to dip into a bowl of dip and the dip would sit nicely in it . The chips  are really very crisp and delicious. I could op those in my mouth even without the dip. But when you have Tortilla chips then you do need a nice zesty dip to go with it. The Ingredients listed on the bag are very simple and very easy to understand.It has Organic Corn, Organic Sunflower oil and sea salt. These chips have 3 gram Monounsaturated  fats in 13 chips. I like that Monounsaturated fats are good for us . I have some Gluten free friends so these being Gluten free I have no hesitation in serving these at my parties.

These chips have no GMO and they are USDA approved for being Organic.No artificial flavors, colors and preservatives make these chips even more likeable.

The Tostitos Splash of Lime Flavored Chunky Salsa was perfect and it is very summery and very fresh. The hint of lime can be tasted very well with out being overpoweringly tart.

Yummy!I'll happily recommend these two products to others to try and see that they are really delicious.

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