Monday, July 24, 2017

Emerald Valley Kitchen Salsa review for Social Nature.

I'm a member of Social Nature and as a member I get to try various products for free.This time I got to try a full sized container of Emerald valley Kitchen Salsa.This is an Organic Salsa. #trynatural and #GotItFree

You can find this Product at Fred Myers in their Refrigerated Organic Aisle. I bought the Medium spiciness  variety they had this product in mild spicy flavor.I liked this Salsa a lot.I'm a salsa fan so I'm always looking for a great Salsa to eat it at home and serve at my parties. You must try this Salsa it is really good.It's consistency is between the bottled salsa that we find it in non perishable shelves and Pico de gallo. You can see the bits of Cilantro and I could taste the onion.

My Husband also tried and he also liked it a lot but he loves spicy food so according to him this wasn't spicy enough even for being medium flavor.It is made with all Organically grown Produce.Each Serving og 2 TBsp has 1 grams Sugar and there are 13 servings in each container. First few ingredients listed are Organic Tomatoes and Organic tomato juice.

Great for gluten free eating,

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